Welcome to my website. I am an ecologist with particular interest in tropical forests, entomology and climate change. My broad research focus is on how the community biology of invertebrates is shaped by the environment at micro- and macro- scales, and in turn how the ecosystem functions performed by invertebrates impacts on the wider forest community. One particular interest of mine is studying and modelling the impacts of disturbance and climate change on tropical communities. I am also keen on developing and testing novel methodologies and technologies for invertebrate research.

I have a good working knowledge of statistics and invertebrate taxonomy. I am currently undertaking my PhD in tropical invertebrate ecology and methodological development, including metagenomics and aerial robotics, at Imperial College, London and the Natural History Museum, London. I am the senior invertebrate scientist with Operation Wallacea in their Honduran study site in Cusuco National Park. Click here for more about my research interests, including my PhD. Find out more about by background here.

My other interests include photography, microscopy, hiking, travel, science fiction, cooking and computing. I am experienced in photomicrography, more details about which can be found here. A selection of my photographs will be uploaded in due course.

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