About me

I have been involved in ecology and conservation from a young age, working with various British wildlife trusts, and visiting natural areas across Europe, although never with a specific taxonomic or habitat interest. During my undergraduate biological sciences degree at Oxford University my interest in insects was sparked through working with Darren Mann on a field course in Wales, and I followed this up by working with dung beetles for my undergraduate dissertation. This was also my first tropical foray, working in Cusuco National Park, Honduras, with Operation Wallacea. After leaving university, I furthered my entomological knowledge working at the Hope Entomological Collections, Oxford University Museum of Natural History, where I also put my photographic skills to good use. After this, I took up a staff position in the Operation Wallacea invertebrate team in Cusuco, which I now run. I completed my masters in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Research at Silwood Park, Imperial College London, and began my PhD in October 2013 at Imperial College London and the Natural History Museum.

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