Cusuco National Park

I am currently the Senior Invertebrate Scientist with the annual Operation Wallacea expedition to Cusuco National Park, Honduras. I first joined the expedition in 2009 as a lowly undergraduate dissertation student and became thoroughly enamoured with tropical forests. I returned at the soonest possible opportunity, joining the team as staff in 2011 and taking over as Team Leader midway through the season. In 2012 I organised the expansion of the invertebrate team to encompass two new taxa and the ensuing restructuring of the sampling protocol. In 2013 I will be undertaking novel canopy research and other pilot work for my PhD.

My current role has two main aspects:

  • As Team Leader, I am responsible for organising equipment and staffing logistics before and during the season, in conjunction with the OpWall administrative staff. I also coordinate the overall invertebrate sampling protocol to encompass the objectives of the five invertebrate groups we study.
  • As Dung beetle, Jewel scarab and Moth Lead Scientist, I am responsible for designing and running effective and valid sampling protocols to monitor and research these taxa. I also organise specimen identification and data entry. Additionally, I supervise several undergraduate dissertation students and teach insect identification and ecology to OpWall volunteers.

More details on the research in CNP coming soon.

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